Life changing products.

Life changing products.

Specifically designed for scalp micropigmentation.

The World's #1 SMP Training & Products

We are lovers and advocates for the scalp micropigmentation industry. As artists and clients ourselves, bringing you simply the best products is our mission. Together we'll keep scalp micropigmenation standards high, hold people accountable and broaden this life changing industry.

The Scalpa Machine

Uniquely designed for scalp micropigmentaion tattoo

Scalpa Machine
  • 5mm Stroke length

    This longer stroke enables the technician to deposit more ink into the scalp
  • Extreme Comfort

    Less likely to cause discomfort, shaky hands and cramping
  • Better Results

    Results in less fading, a fresher look and creating a follicle replication to appear realistic
  • Made in the USA

    Dual ball bearing features, aircraft aluminum and a medical-grade anodized finish, custom in the USA

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Everything we do is specially designed and created for scalp micropigmentation procedures, after and before care.

  • SMP Training Programs

    SMP Training Programs

    We are carving the path for the Scalp Micropigmentation Industry. Bringing people together who share the same vision of changing lives. With over 10 years experience and 20,000+ procedures done you can trust you are learning from the best.

    Training programs offered:
    • Face to Face Internship Training Program.
    • Interactive Training Program
    • Video Training Courses

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    SMP Training Programs
  • The Perfected Ink

    The Perfected Ink

    No color additives, which will give a blue and green hue. Charcoal based ink will not shade to a colored hue overtime and will always keep true to it's original shade. Specifically for SMP to match exact hair follicle color.

    Ink benefits include:
    • Easy to mix ink that will blend to match any hair color
    • Longer lasting for optimal procedures
    • Three different shade colors.

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    The Perfected Ink
  • GON Redness Relief

    GON Redness Relief

    GON is a topical anesthetic that reduces sensitivity by numbing the skin while it reduces bleeding during procedures. GON is a powerful, during procedure anesthetics, that is safe for all types of broken skin procedures.

    This powerful topical anesthetic contains:
    4% lidocaine
    2% tetracaine for numbing
    .02% epinephrine to reduce swelling, bruising and bleeding.

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    GON Redness Relief
Scalpa products have been used in over 20,000 procedures worldwide.
Used by the world's largest SMP company, Scalp Aesthetics.
Inks, aftercare, needles and machine are all developed and made by Scalpa.
Giving Back
We're donating a portion of all products sold to
Golisano Children's Hospital

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Scalpa Products is dedicated to creating products for the entire scalp micropigmentation procedure. From set up to aftercare shop our SMP products.

I'm a tattoo artist for over 12 years and have began smp for clients. These products have been essential in helping me build my brand and client base!
I've been performing SMP to clients for a few years now but have just discovered your products and LOVE them! I won't use anything else.
I've completed the training program and it was fantastic. I'm so prepared to get this going on my own. Thank you Scalpa Products!